Nissan’s factories in Barcelona could be reborn

The Belgian group Punch proposes to keep the Nissan workforce at its plants and to continue to manufacture the pick-ups and the eNV200.

May 14, 2021 (11:45 CET)

Nissan’s factories in Barcelona could be reborn: Punch’s vehicles to maintain them.

It seems that little by little the Nissan factories in Barcelona are beginning to see the light at the end of the tunnel. All is not lost. In August 2020 it was announced that Nissan’s production centers would cease industrial activity in our country on December 31, 2021, guaranteeing the employment of the staff until then.

The agreement signed between the management of Nissan Motor Ibérica and the workers’ representatives included the creation of a working Commission for Reindustrialization constituted in a tripartite and joint manner between the Nissan Management, the Workers’ Representation and the Administrations, for the purposes of analyzing, evaluating and co-deciding where appropriate, and monitoring a potential Reindustrialization plan for the company’s production activity in the Zona Franca, Montcada i Reixac and Sant Andreu de la Barca centers.

The Belgian group Punch has presented a project to industrialize the three Nissan factories in Barcelona, which contemplates the maintenance of the entire staff of the centers, made up of about 2,200 workers, and the “majority” of indirect jobs, as well as the continuity of production of the models currently manufactured in these facilities, which are the pick-ups and the eNV200 van.

The group, which has a turnover of 500 million euros and has more than 40 years of experience in sectors such as automotive and technology, intends to ensure the industrial project in the area in the long term “not just by maintaining the facilities”, as it will introduce innovative technology such as the one being developed in other European countries.

Reindustrialization plan for January 1

Punch’s reindustrialization proposal for the Nissan centers in Barcelona reflects its commitment to start the activity on January 1, 2022, just after the cessation of activity announced by Nissan for December 31 of this year, although this intention could vary in the event that the terms in the award process are extended.

In the first 12 to 18 months, Punch will manufacture in these facilities the models that are currently assembled in Barcelona, for which it has a license agreement for the use of intellectual property granted by Nissan.

The company will gradually introduce new technologies in the models to adapt them to the new regulations on Euro emissions. and subsequently contemplates making a model under its own brand, the name of which has not been disclosed, in addition to current Nissan models.

In this way, the Belgian multinational, owned by the Dumarey family, will introduce new technologies developed in the centers it maintains around the world in the models manufactured in Barcelona, ​​including those linked to hydrogen propulsion systems. There will also be a commitment from the company to invest in a new paint warehouse and plans to take advantage of all the equipment at the Nissan facilities in Barcelona.

The Punch group reindustrialization project will be led by Andy Palmer, former CEO of Aston Martin and former director of operations and projects of Nissan Motor Corporation.

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