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Updated on Wednesday, 4 August 2021 – 08:58

The third generation Nissan Qashqai launches a new platform, a much more attractive design, a more spacious interior and solutions that make driving a more pleasant and safe experience.

Qashqai 2021 The King of SUVs E-Power As is the hybrid technology that will come with the Qashqai

Nissan has brought the mid-size SUV segment red hot again. And it has meeting the expectations of those who expect or suspect that they will continue to lead sales in their class. It is not easy to command this classification with such competent competition; It was necessary to electrify, increase the attributes that guide it towards autonomous driving, enhance its safety, increase its amplitude, improve its aesthetics … And all this is fulfilled in the new Japanese model.

This last aspect has been taken care of in the center Nissan Design Europe, which has wrapped it in an attractive monolithic-looking ‘sculpture’ that exceeds in length (3.5 cm), width (3.2 cm), height (2.5 cm) and wheelbase (2 cm) than its predecessor. Adorned with the dressing some 20-inch wheels (before there were up to 19), the static result attracts like a magnet.

But the revolution has been total in this third installment of the SUV. As a backbone, the car has been built on the CMF-C platform of the Renault-Nissan alliance, which makes it possible to explore electrification possibilities that in this case come with a 12V to power the electrical equipment of the car and improve the torque a little.

This means that the entire responsibility for moving the Qashqai rests with a 1.3-liter four-cylinder block delivering 158 hp and 270 Nm of torque. It does it smoothly, quietly and with a performance that, without being rabid, complies when overtaking demands a certain nerve even carrying the car loaded. The 206 km / h and 9.5 s in covering the 0 to 100 are the proof that the Nissan Qashqai of 158 CV does not sleep.

We also like your precise steering, the feel of brakes that are effective and easy to dose and the fact that the lean of the body in curves does not feel pronounced or annoying.


Yes, in our opinion, the travel of the gear lever, smooth in its guidance but a bit long, can be improved. This is perhaps the only one but a car with exceptional ergonomics. And we do not say it because of the information we receive through its three screens (we include the large HUD here), but because Nissan has understood that functions such as air conditioning, the selection of driving modes (Normal, Eco and Sport) and even the light regulation for the watch box is operated more quickly (and therefore safely) by means of physical buttons.

It is comforting while driving to know that there is a airbag between the two seats that unfolds in the event of a side collision, so that the pilot and copilot do not impact each other. And almost more that the Pro-Pilot system works as a shield, intervening in the direction if we leave the lane, adapting to the speed of the traffic and watching for us the blind spots. But this tranquility does not produce a pleasure as immediate as that offered by the massage with three modes and regulation in intensity and speed that we find as standard in the Tekna + finish, the highest of range.

Rear seats

As for the rear seats, there are several surprises and they are all favorable. The first is that herear doors open nearly 90 degrees (a lot). The second is that forward visibility is better than usual because the front headrests are narrow. And the third, that the central square is much more comfortable than usual, since the central tunnel rises little from the ground and the armrest, once folded, even feels soft and pleasant when in contact with our back. Those, the bench is not longitudinally adjustable and the backrest does not offer different inclination possibilities.

These passengers, by the way, sure appreciate that there is enough luggage space, now that the trunk of the Qashqai has passed from 430 to 504 liters. He is still not the highest in his category, but his ability is remarkable.

The Pro-Pilot system is activated by a button on the steering wheel. If the model has automatic transmission X-tronic, allows it to stop and start by itself in traffic jams.

The trunk has grown a lot (504 liters) but above all it has gained in the rear seats: they are spacious and with great visibility, and even the central one is comfortable.

Test sheet

Price. 34,925
DIMENSIONS. Length / width / height / battle: 4.42 / 1.85 / 1.62 / 2.66 meters.
Trunk: 504 l.

MECHANICAL. Gasoline, four cylinders. 1.33 cc and 12V electrical system. 158 hp. Six-speed manual transmission. Front wheel drive.

SECURITY. Seven airbags.

BENEFITS AND CONSUMPTIONS. From 0 to 100 km / h: 9.5 seconds. Maximum speed: 206 km / h. Average consumption during the test: 5.4 l / 100 km. Official CO2 emissions: 146 gr / km.

Rating: 7.6






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