Nissan juke rally concept pays tribute to 240z rally

The Nissan juke Inspired by the old rally champion, it boasts a high ride height and widened fenders, giving plenty of room for off-road tires. The retouching of the front and rear areas managed to reduce the overhangs; there are a couple of circular led lamps that attached to the hood and also the luggage rack carries an extra dose of led lighting. The rear door does not have glass, which allows a pair of spare tires to be located in that area.

The last generation of the Kicks was for the 2020-model year, with a model that grew in size from the previous generation, allowing for a larger and more comfortable cabin for passengers. It uses a 1.0-liter three-cylinder turbo engine that generates 112 horsepower and it offers versions with a six-speed manual or seven-speed dual-clutch automatic transmission.

Gallery: Nissan Juke Rally Concept. A tribute to the past.


The Juke Rally Tribute Concept It only exists as a computer design, but Nissan envisioned it with a hybrid powertrain, with the idea that the instantaneous torque of the electric motor would improve the vehicle’s performance.

Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept


Photos: The Nissan Juke that honors the 240Z winner of the 1971 Rally Africa.

Half a century ago, in 1971, Edgar Herrmann (Kenya) as the driver and Hans Schüller (Germany) as the navigator of a Nissan 240Z, won the East Africa Safari Rally. That car also maintained a high ride height and off-road tires to navigate rough roads. In addition, three extra lamps on the hood and a reflector mounted on the A-pillar on the driver’s side helped illuminate the trails for the duo who a year earlier, in 1970, also won the contest aboard a Datsun 1600 SSS.

Also in that 1971 competition, Mehta Shekhar and Doughty Mike drove a 240Z, finishing in second place. Another 240Z in the hands of Aaltonen Rauno and Easter Paul got the seventh place.

Nissan restored the winning car in 2013 and included it in his heritage collection in Zama, Japan.

Nissan Juke Rally Tribute Concept


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