Nissan follows Renault and dives its stake in Daimler

Although a few months ago Renault divested its stake in Daimler, the parent company of Mercedes Benz, has now been Nissan the one that has continued with the same steps. This is not a surprising move, since both the Japanese and the French firms belong to the same alliance together with Mitsubishi, and both are in a process of change after several years of irregularities and financial losses.

Thus, Nissan has sold its 1.54% stake in Daimler after 10 years of cooperative. We translate that into a transaction of 16,448,378 shares worth 1,149 million euros (at 69.85 euros per share). The proceeds from this sale will allow Nissan to further strengthen and improve its commercial competitiveness, which also includes investments to promote full and partial electrification –Development of e-Power technology will be key to the strategy– across the entire model range.

The partnership between Nissan and Daimler began in 2010 and was intended to seek the technology exchange between each brand. But it also included platform sharing. The Infiniti QX30 was an example, being a modified Mercedes-Benz GLA. But the highest-profile project the two firms shared was the X-Class. Based on the bones of the Nissan Navara, the model was launched to much fanfare in 2017, although it was quietly removed from the range in February 2021, after some discreet sales.

Dieter Zetsche (Daimler) and Carlos Ghosn (Renault-Nissan Alliance) in 2010

Curiously, both Nissan and Renault have mentioned that they will continue to have a relationship with Daimler. Reuters agency reports in fact that some “people close to the matter have mentioned that the larger initial plans never materialized.” What’s the bet that these big plans had to do with electrification? To this day, it is not clear how the company’s supposed partnership – still ongoing – will manifest itself without Nissan owning a stake in Daimler.

However, presumably Infiniti will continue to offer vehicles overseas with Mercedes-Benz DNA under the skin. Nissan’s “400Z” sports car is also rumored to use Stuttgart’s nine-speed automatic gearbox (9G-Tronic). On the other hand, Daimler still holds a 3.1% stake in Renault and Nissan, and has not mentioned any intention to dispose of it. However, in the coming months it could do so in order to make money in the coffers.

Source: Nissan

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