Nissan discusses selling its Mitsubishi shares

According to information revealed by Bloomberg, Nissan is analyzing the sale of its 34% of the Japanese company Mitsubishi, since the latter could take a little longer to recover from the negative effects of the Coronavirus pandemic.

Following these speculations, Lavanya Wadgaonkar, who is Nissan’s Global Strategies Communication Director; He noted that there is no plan to restructure the relationship with the three diamond firm.

Similarly; Nissan issued a statement to deny the rumors and above all; note that Mitsubishi continues to work on its contingency plan called “Small but Beautiful”, which was announced last July.

“It is essential that each alliance partner focuses on their core competencies and maximizes the use of each other’s assets to achieve their plans,” said Nissan officials. To this end, the collaborative relationship in terms of sharing propulsion technology and platforms was emphasized.

It should be noted that it was in 2016, when this percentage of shares was purchased for around 1,940 million euros. Carlos Ghosn, the former president of Nissan; sought this purchase with the aim of forming a robust automotive group, consisting of Nissan Renault and Mitsubishi.

Finally; This objective by the manager was not met after his arrest at the end of 2018.