After the crisis caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, Nissan has made the decision to close its Barcelona factory which employed 3,000 workers.

The spread of coronavirus, the crisis it has generated, and the plans to restructure Nissan and its alliance with Renault and Mitsubishi, have led to the total closure of Nissan’s car factory in Barcelona, ​​as announced by the president of Nissan Europe, Ficchy’s Gianluca.

According to the portal Diario Motor, on the morning of Thursday, May 28, Ficchy communicated to the workers of the plant the news of the closure of the Nissan factory in Barcelona, which will close in December, and on the grounds of the lack of viability and for not having found a satisfactory proposal to ensure its future.

To ensure the viability of the factory, the Ministry of Industry indicated that the investment required by the factory was 300 million euros, while its closure could cost up to 1 billion euros.

The Nissan factory in Barcelona was installed in 1983, initially producing the Nissan Patrol.

The decision of Nissan It is part of a global restructuring project, which will undoubtedly affect especially Europe and Spain. Nissan intends to reduce its production capacity, from the 7 million vehicles a year they now have, to a capacity of just over 5 million vehicles a year.

During the daily results presentation of Nissan, the firm also pointed to the closure of the Barcelona factory, indicating that “a process of negotiations and conversations is beginning to address its intentions to close the factory.” Meanwhile, the Government has also shown its intentions to find a solution to the problem, however, at this time there are still no confirmed solutions, such as the possibility that some company will buy the factory, invest in it, and take advantage of it to maintain vehicle production in Barcelona and jobs that would otherwise be lost with Nissan’s departure.


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