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Nintendo Switch hit the market in March 2017 and, since then, its popularity has not stopped growing. For this reason, various analyst firms believe that Nintendo will do everything possible to extend the life cycle of the console.

The above is not a simple speculation, it is already a fact. The company stated in July of this year that it was looking for a strategy to extend the life of Switch in the market as long as possible, which will undoubtedly happen due to its success.

While Nintendo today revealed the first clues about the successor to the Switch, it also made it clear that its main mission for now is to make the life cycle of the hybrid console last longer than normal compared to its past systems.

Nintendo to extend Switch lifecycle and explore more technology

During his corporate report today, Shuntaro Furukawa, president of Nintendo, reaffirmed that one of his goals is to extend the life cycle of the Switch. According to the manager, this will be possible thanks to the fact that they are currently concentrated on a single platform.

It should be remembered that, in the past, Nintendo had a desktop and a portable console on the market simultaneously. Instead, now all your efforts and investments are going to Switch.

Furukawa said that Switch is currently in the middle of its life cycle, so console users can still expect many more games and other unique entertainment proposals.

Finally, the manager mentioned something very important that could give us a signal about the future of Nintendo and Switch. Furukawa said they plan to explore cutting edge technology and not just conventional technology that allows low and attractive prices for gamers.

The company wants to take advantage of technological advances to offer a better experience to its followers. However, Furukawa did not detail what its short-term plans are or what the application of such technology will be in the future.

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