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A port of Super mario 64 made by a fan on the platform PC is moving towards an expected end now that, reportedly, Nintendo has filed copyright claims against the project. This version of Super mario 64 It touted better resolution options than the original form and gave gamers a new way to experience the classic after its recent online release, but the fun didn’t last long. Videos and other traces of the game have now been affected by copyright claims with Nintendo allegedly behind the actions, a situation seen several times before regarding fan-made projects related to the most famous properties in Nintendo.

TorrentFreak reported on the actions taken against the project by the fans and said the reported claims were organized by Wildwood Law Group LLC. The site said the law firm is known to work with Nintendo in efforts similar to this situation and cited a complaint referring to the project Super mario 64.

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“The copyrighted work is the video game Nintendo Super Mario 64, which includes audiovisual work, software, and representations of fictional characters covered by the United States Copyright Registry. No. PA [ELIMINADO] “Said the claim, according to the site.

Now that the videos are removed due to the reason for the copyright claims, it’s only a matter of time before other proofs of the existence of the game and the game itself are removed from the internet. It is a familiar process that we have seen play before, since Nintendo It is known as one of the most litigating gaming companies when it comes to looking after your properties.

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Editorial: Gaming / Facebook / Twitter / Coverage / Instagram / Discord