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The Nintendo Space World 2000 is considered one of the most important events in the history of the Japanese company, because before the fall of the Nintendo 64, it was the ideal moment to show its new console, the GameCube, but it also took the opportunity to unveil the that ultimately would be one of its most important portable consoles, the Game Boy Advance. On that occasion, the Japanese company presented prototypes of its new system and for many years they were considered a cult object by enthusiasts. Recently, a stroke of luck allowed one of these units to reach the scene.

A few weeks ago, Twitter user @ MarioDS64 participated in an auction on Yahoo Auctions that offered a batch of portable systems that included models of the Game Boy, PlayStation Portable and NeoGeo Pocket Color. However, among all those consoles, there was one that stood out and was nothing more and nothing less than one of the Game Boy Advance prototypes that Nintendo presented at Space World in 2000. The console is distinguished by being silver with buttons and details in orange, in addition to having slight differences with the model that finally went on the market.

Fortunately the console was still working and for the sake of preservation and research, the enthusiast shared it with members of the scene to test it, finding some details such as the difference in the sound of the boot screen and the errors it has in the screen when running some games that were later released.

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