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Although there are many titles that are already announced for the Nintendo Switch, there are only a few with defined release dates. The Nintendo console has been characterized by having powerful releases at a rapid pace, but it seems that this year it will reduce this cadence, which has made fans wonder about a possible drought. There is good news for all of them, as the company has unannounced titles that would arrive before the spring of 2021.

Nintendo released its financial report for fiscal year 2020, which ended on April 1. Many topics were discussed in it, but what Nintendo has prepared for its console in the coming months, caught the eye, contrary to what many think.

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According to information from Nintendo Everything, Shuntaro Furukawa shared the lineup of games they’ve already announced for the Nintendo Switch, revealing that only 3 are confirmed to debut this year. This could set off alarm bells for fans expecting more titles from the Japanese company, but the good news is that Nintendo has some surprises in store, since its president announced that apart from these titles there are others that are planned to debut in this period, that is, in the fiscal year 2021, which comprises from April 1, 2020 to March 31, 2021.

Shuntaro Furukawa does not know if there will be release delays

However, the director also refers that they are monitoring the current health contingency situation that has affected the development of games for Nintendo Switch and that could affect these releases, as we informed you, so its release could be delayed, but there is no certainty that it will happen.

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“In our forecast, we have games that are scheduled to launch during this period other than what has been announced. However, many Nintendo employees and our partners are working from home during this time. Considering how different the work environment is from home and office, it could be more difficult to launch our games according to our agenda if the situation continues. As things stand, we are estimating as if we can launch our games as planned, “said Furukawa.

What do you think of the statements of the Nintendo president? Do you expect any particular game that Nintendo announces? What unannounced titles do you think they refer to? Tell us in the comments.

Until now little is known about the games that the Japanese company could announce soon, since it has been a long time since Nintendo Directs has been broadcasting with new titles. In fact, rumors are circulating that there will be no Nintendo Direct in June due to the damage caused by the coronavirus. If you want to find more news related to Nintendo Switch, we invite you to check this page.

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