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Nintendo recently held a meeting with investors, where they discussed a wide variety of topics, including Switch, its games, its business performance and what the company plans both in the short and long term.

One of the points that most attracted attention is what Nintendo is preparing for the future. The company is currently a resounding success thanks to the Switch, but it is clear that the life cycle of the hybrid console will end at some point.

During its presentation, Nintendo confirmed that it has planned the launch of new hardware, that is, a successor to Switch. In addition, the company explained what its philosophy and business approach will be for the next generations.

Nintendo wants to surprise gamers with its next console

Before continuing, it is necessary to clarify that the company spoke in general terms. So, don’t expect exact or specific information about your next console. That said, you should know that Nintendo wants to continue to surprise players with their projects.

The company stated that it will continue its business through the launch of integrated hardware and software. This means that it will continue with the strategy that it has had until now: consoles with exclusive and important third-party games.

On the other hand, Nintendo confirmed that it has plans to launch a console after Switch. In the meeting a slide was presented showing Wii, Nintendo DS, Switch and later a question mark referring to the next system

The image indicates that Nintendo will continue to expand its IP, its services and the use of its user accounts. All this towards the launch of his next console in « 20XX ».

« We allocate internal resources very carefully so that the technologies we adopt become a source of fun. We strive to create products that consumers did not realize they wanted until the moment they were advertised, » the company commented.

Nintendo assured that it will continue to innovate and invest to offer its consumers unique experiences in the market. The Japanese company stated that it cannot simply continue the trend of other companies in order to innovate and meet its objectives.

« We are dedicated to finding ways to pleasantly surprise consumers and provide them with unique experiences by considering where people will play, when they will play and how they will feel, » said Nintendo.

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