Nintendo “Forgets” Zelda’s 35th Anniversary, Fans Honor It Online

The Legend of Zelda turned 35 | Nintendo

Up to now, Nintendo has not announced the 35th anniversary from “The Legend of Zelda” on their social media, but fans around the world gathered to celebrate under the hashtag # Zelda35th.

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At Nintendo Direct last week, a port was announced HD of « Skyward Sword », but the anniversary of Zelda it has not been adequately addressed. Behind the 35th anniversary of the “Super Mario” franchise and the next 25th anniversary From the Pokémon series, Nintendo seemed to have skipped the celebration this time.

The original game of « Legend of Zelda » was launched on February 21, 1986 in Nintendo Entertainment System. Since then, the franchise has expanded to 19 major games and a range of spin-offs including a number of television and manga adaptations.

Many fans used the tag # Zelda35th to share their Fan art, cosplays and opinions about games.

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The latest announcement from Nintendo did not meet expectations regarding Zelda, but they can still be surprised with an anniversary release in the same way that fans of Mario last year.

Some journalists have even hinted that the remakes of « Wind Waker » and « Twilight Princess » could be released on Switch, but they had missed the announcement through the Direct.