Nintendo files new lawsuit against Switch hackers

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Nintendo began a battle against hacker groups for months that seek to profit illegally from Switch and its games. The company’s efforts do not stop, as it recently started another lawsuit related to this problem.

We recently learned that Nintendo won the lawsuit against a group of Switch hackers, so it will be rewarded for the damages. Despite this, there are people who are still trying to take advantage of console vulnerabilities.

We know that Nintendo is now going against a seller who infringed on the company’s copyright by selling a device to violate the Switch and running unauthorized copies of games.

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Nintendo again lashes out at Switch hackers

The defendant in this new case is Le Hoang Minh, who had the idea to sell tools to hack Switch on Amazon. As expected, Nintendo did not sit idly by and has already initiated legal proceedings against it.

According to Polygon, the lawsuit against Le Hoang Minh was filed yesterday in the court in Seattle, United States. Nintendo claims in the case documents that piracy has become a “serious and growing international problem.”

The company initially sent a notification to the seller to stop its Switch-related sales. In the end, the situation was not resolved as Nintendo expected, so it decided to start the legal process.

Nintendo seeks with its lawsuit to stop the seller and obtain compensation of $ 2,500 USD in damages for each infringement committed. On the other hand, the Japanese company is also working to get the largest number of articles related to Switch piracy off the market.

We will have to wait to know the results of this case. It is very likely that Nintendo is favored in the lawsuit, as the defendant faces similar charges that we have seen in previous lawsuits.

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