Nintendo faces another lawsuit over Joy-Con drift

By Sebastian Quiroz 0 COMMENTS 11/18/2020 9:15 am


The problem of drifring in Joy-con of the Switch reverberates in the courtrooms of the United States. Yesterday, November 17, a new class action lawsuit was filed against Nintendo in the courts of Seattle, Washington, this being the second legal conflict of this type in this state.

On this occasion, the plaintiffs have provided a series of technical documents on the controls, verified by experts, such as photos of the components, and microscope captures that “show the damage in the circuits”. Similarly, previous lawsuits in the United States and Europe have been cited to mention that Nintendo is not adequately informing users of this issue.

Plaintiffs accuse Nintendo of possible fraud, due to lack of clarity and responsibilities when tackling this problem. Finally, mention is made of the case of a minor, who had to repair his Joy-Con only for them to fail a couple of months later.

For its part, Nintendo has avoided this issue at several shareholders’ meetings, and has been limited only to apologize. In related issues, the price of the Joy-Con separately has been reduced. Similarly, Nintendo has mentioned that this “is not a real problem.”


Via: Polygon

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