Nintendo Could Face Another Lawsuit Over Infamous Joy-Con Drift

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Although the overwhelming success of the Switch has served to keep the controversies that have arisen in its almost 4 years of life at bay, the issue of the “Joy-Con Drift” is still a shadow for Nintendo as it seems that it is a problem that , at some point, it will affect the majority of hybrid console users. Since its discovery, the problems that arise at the controls have given rise to various lawsuits and recently it was learned of one that is in process, this time from Quebec, Canada.

The ghost of the Joy-Con Drift continues to haunt Nintendo

According to information from Wccftech, the law firm Lambert Avocat Inc. is preparing to file a class action lawsuit against Nintendo for the “Joy-Con Drift” and the problems it has caused to Switch users. In that sense, the lawsuit will seek restitution for all users who have purchased a Nintendo Switch or a Joy-Con separately in the Canadian province.

This class action lawsuit is only awaiting authorization from a Quebec Superior Court judge and while that happens, the law firm is gathering evidence to contribute in this legal dispute that could be started against Nintendo. In this regard, some of the important points of demand indicate that users would not have paid such a high price for the console or its controls had they known that a factory defect would reduce its useful life. Likewise, the pro-consumer perspective of this lawsuit refers that the “Joy-Con Drift” prevents the full operation of the console, which prevents it from fulfilling the function for which it was manufactured.

In the same way, the legal firm emphasizes that the “Joy-Con Drift” was not revealed by Nintendo and users do not have the opportunity to detect the failure in a previous review, because in those first moments the controls do not present fault any.

So, it seems that Nintendo will have to face another legal battle in another country for the problems related to the Joy-Con, perhaps the only big problem that Switch has had during its life cycle.

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