Years can go by and Nintendo will continue to leave us with a square eye. They were one of the companies that innovated in the market, introducing us to endearing characters who became icons of popular and gamer culture, such as Mario, Luigi, Bowser and many more. However, Beyond the titles they have sought to take their ideas further, jumping from a console to real life.

It turns out that this September 3, the Japanese video game company threw the house out the window in a virtual event where with a lot of surprises to celebrate 35 years of Super Mario Bros., one of the most loved games in the entire franchise. Among the news they gave us we have the reissues of classics like Super Mario 64, Super Mario Sunshine and Super Mario Galaxy, which of course excited fans of red bone.

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Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit arrives to change the races

But beyond all these titles, one of the things that caught our attention was a wonder that many will wish they had. Is called Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit And as its name suggests, it is one more game in this racing saga that so many joys and courage has made us pass along with Mario and the other characters in his universe, and although just listening we would think that it would be one more video game, the truth is that it will completely revolutionize this formula.

As you will remember, Nintendo has recently been working with LEGO, creating sets that combine the best of toys with the technology that the Japanese company can provide. This 2020 they brought us a spectacular collection where the popular building blocks enter the world of video games –They even put together an epic set inspired by the legendary NES.

Nerdgasm!  LEGO and Nintendo to launch a set of the legendary NESNerdgasm!  LEGO and Nintendo to launch a set of the legendary NES

This is what the LEGO and Nintendo NES looks like / Photo: LEGO / Nintendo


How will this work?

But this time, with the help of Velan Studios, they developed another equally ambitious project, because the Mario Kart will reach our houses, with everything and shells. It turns out that for this new game we will control some real karts –Driven by Mario or Luigi as the case may be–, who will straddle our living room and dining room, which we can control through the Nintendo Switch or Switch Lite.

These carts have cameras that will be in charge of marking the space where we are and tracing the routes –Yes, we can put together the tracks–, with the help of bows included in each kitThus, the karts will physically travel the space where we build the circuit and the best of all is that they will react to everything you do in the game; how the rush given in the game, the braking or the blows with an object. All that can affect you when it comes to running.

Nintendo brings racing to life with 'Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit'!Nintendo brings racing to life with 'Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit'!

This is the kit that will come with the ‘Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit’ / Photo: Nintendo

As the chaviza would say, “a lot of text.” Here we leave the trailer for you to see for yourself:

When does this gem arrive?

With each of the cups you win you will get different benefits, like various styles to customize the tracks and even costumes for Luigi and Mario. Definitely, Nintendo gives us no truce when it comes to introducing us to innovative products And if something has become clear to us, it is that they will continue looking for a way to remain one of the leading companies in the market.

Mario Kart Live: Home Circuit will be available on October 16 for the Nintendo Switch and will cost $ 100 (something like 2,170 pesos), and includes a cart with Mario or Luigi. If you are one of the desperate people who want to pre-order it before they win it, you can start booking it by clicking right HERE.