Nintendo already distributed 1 million Switch units in China

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Although the restriction on the sale of consoles in China was removed in 2015, it is known that it is not easy to compete in that market, especially since it is dominated by gaming on PC and mobile phones. PlayStation 4 has struggled a lot to position itself in China, and in reality the console has passed without pain or glory. However, in the case of Nintendo, things are different because the Switch proposal is strongly attracting the attention of the players.

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Tencent and Nintendo continue to position Switch in China

In December 2019, the Tencent Nintendo Switch was launched in the Chinese market, the official name of the console in the Asian country that came thanks to the union between both companies. Although its progress has been step by step, the hybrid proposal of the console, along with its great potential as a portable product, has managed to break through and according to Tencent, 1 million units have already been distributed.

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Although this does not mean that sales are for the same figure, it is confirmed that there is interest in Switch in one of the most competitive markets. Now, as a report by points out, the million Switch units distributed in China only account for official sales, that is, it leaves out data related to the sale in the gray market, since it is known that There is a taste for the hybrid console because in its imported version, players can access the catalog of games that we know, not with the Tencent Nintendo Switch that only has 13 games approved by the Chinese authorities.

Thus, it is clear that the Switch continues to drag its great moment worldwide and this has served to enter the Chinese market.

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