It is indisputable to state that, despite its controversial beginnings (price drop, Ambassadors Program, etc …) Nintendo 3DS It has emerged on its own merits as a living history of the world of video games in general and of Nintendo itself in particular. A laptop with a vast and varied catalog that carries behind it an accumulated sales of over 75 million. However, and despite the fact that those in Kyoto promised not to abandon it, it went to a second or third plane after the launch of Nintendo Switch with a more than considerable sales slump during 2019. Now, and by way of closing, we get terrible news about its current production.

The American media ., focused on technological news, has announced that, after almost 10 years since its launch, the entire range of Nintendo 3DS production has ceased. And, as we have been able to verify first-hand on the official website of the Great N in Japanese territory, the files of the full range of models of this platform have gone on to indicate « finished production ». Despite the news, we cannot deny that the progressive abandonment comes much further back, being more than evident from the same moment that the different official Kyoto sites erased all traces of the console on its cover.

It is true that the hybrid nature of Nintendo Switch (with more than 61 million units sold) makes the existence of an exclusively portable system unnecessary. However, what do you think about it? Surely the console in question has given you a few joys, right?

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