One of those nice little surprises from the past Nintendo Direct Mini is that Ninjala, the multiplayer game from GungHo Online Entertainment that is hopelessly reminiscent of another starring squid, is coming to Nintendo Switch on May 27 as a free game. Thus, it joins the bet on multiplayer games that will opt to let everyone play without having to buy anything, but that will surely pay a lot of money based on cosmetic elements. But is it really a Free2Play or do you have to have a subscription to the Nintendo Switch Online?

Ninjala does not require subscription to Nintendo Switch Online

Like other F2P that populate the Nintendo console like Fortnite, Smite or Paladins, Ninjala will not require a subscription to Nintendo’s online service. I think I remember that there is no official statement from Nintendo about it, but we could firmly affirm that the Big N joins the policy of other companies to allow these free games to be played for free, regardless of redundancy, without having to pay for anything else. .

And what is a competitive game today without a Battle Royale mode? It’s actually just an all-against-all mode where eight players hit each other. Below you can see a small development diary where its creators give more information in this way and the customization of the characters:

Apart from teaching us a little basic skills such as running through the walls, boosting with bubble gum and dressing up as elements of the environment, they also tell us about the importance of the ninja power bar and how by filling it we can perform special Jutsus with which knock out the enemy. In Battle Royale mode each player is alone and must obtain the most points by breaking drones, sending rivals flying (Ippon is called this) and knocking out their enemies.

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As for personalization, the video teaches us how we can change the clothes and physical appearance to our liking, as well as the weapons, the soundtrack and the gestures. In the video they also take the opportunity to comment that Ninjala will have free updates every two and a half months they will add new content. Unfortunately they do not comment on how they will be achieved or the type of monetization that the game will have. It will take a couple of months to find out


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