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GungHo Online Entertainment is preparing for the release of Ninjala, which will take place next week. The developer recently made a broadcast in which she talked about the content of the game that will arrive as DLC, such as more details of the story mode and post-launch DLC packages.

The event included 2 creatives responsible for Ninjala, Kazuki Morishita and Motoki Kaneda, apart from the Japanese pop idol Kyary Pamyu Pamyu, who was in charge of singing the main theme of Ninjala. For more than 1 hour, the developer revealed important details of the title and what content to expect from its first season.

In case you missed it: Ninjala’s story mode will feature huge boss fights.

You can buy a story mode at a reduced price for a limited time

As we told you days before, Ninjala will have a story mode that will work for a single player and without the Internet. According to information from Nintendo Everything, the details of this package that will accompany the launch were revealed. The DLC Story Mode It will cost $ 9.99 USD, but for a limited time, until July 15, it will be sold in exchange for $ 4.49 USD.

In this mode it will not only be possible to get Ninja Medals when completing the missions, but also you will be able to obtain limited costumes. The first story DLC will be Van’s, but there will be more, which will focus on the story of the other protagonists. Around the 17th minute of the video below you can see a preview like this.

On a previous occasion, it was revealed that Ninjala will reveal more about her universe in various media, such as comics or animations. The first will be Ninjala Bloodline of the Shinobi and will launch on June 23.

There will be another DLC pack with exclusive content

The first season will bring with it many outfits and weapons that can be obtained as you advance through the period as well as through the Gumball Machine. Additionally, on July 21 the first outfit DLC package will arrive, called Crow Tengu Bundle Pack DLC, which will be offered in exchange for $ 29.99 USD.

This pack will contain the Tengu costume and Tengu mask, which will give the characters exclusive look. In addition, it will include a stamp that will grant a mysterious power and the Yantsu emote. Finally the package will provide 2000 Jala, so you can buy it to get exclusive content and use the Jala coin to buy the Ninaja Pass, which will cost 950 Jala, in its base form.

Finally, we inform you that if the title reaches a million downloads, all players will receive 100 Jala, so invite your friends to be part of the adventure.

We leave you with the transmission of Ninjala.

What did you think of the content that is coming to Ninjala? Will you give it a shot at its premiere? Tell us in the comments.

We remind you that Ninjala will debut on June 24 exclusively for Nintendo Switch. You can find more news related to it if you visit this page, in which we share more information about the content that will be available on its opening day.

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