Ninjala It is one of the games that has gained more followers since it was launched exclusively for the Nintendo Switch for free (although it includes purchases inside), especially thanks to that addictive gameplay, so addictive with the candies and sugar that are also protagonists. However, this time it is not time to talk about the game itself, but about the animation series that accompanies it, since now The second of the planned episodes has been shared through YouTube.

We can already see the second chapter of the anime of Ninjala

The duration of this second chapter of the Ninjala animation series is just over 10 minutes, and in it we can join Lucy, who awakens her ninja powers without eating or drinking it. This girl is always taking care of her friends and one day, when she tries to save one of them from some thugs, she manages to awaken those abilities that slept inside her, although it will not be the only time that she will use them. What is Lucy’s true nature? Well, the only way to discover it is to see « A Secret Eye » (« A secret eye » in Spanish), in order to continue getting to know each and every one of the characters that are part of this very special world in which millions of players They have already decided to go in and stay well attached.

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In this way, and being able to see this second chapter of the Ninjala animation series, we can only continue waiting for the third, but also the next news that will be added to the game. And you, have you already created your ninja character and have you started distributing mamporros left and right, or are you one of those who prefers other types of games than those that can be played over the Internet?