Ninja Turtles: In this brutal way Rafael died in The Last Ronin

By Rodolfo León 0 COMMENTS 02/18/2021 6:29 pm

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The ninja turtles is a franchise focused primarily on children, but the new comic by The Last Ronin It is definitely the most somber and dark story the saga has ever had, and the most recent edition is a clear example of this.

In The Last Ronin, three of the four turtles are already dead, and Miguel Angel Being the only survivor, he must find a way to avenge his fallen brothers, whom he sees as ghosts. The second chapter of this comic talks about the death of Raphael, and boy is it brutal.

After what Splinter died at the hands of Foot Clan, Raphael enraged and disobeyed his brothers’ instructions to seek vengeance himself against Karai. After executing a dozen soldiers, Raphael he finally comes face to face with the adopted daughter of Shredder, who stabs Raphael and they both fall into the water.


Raphael managed to get his revenge since he also managed to stab Karai, but this cost him his own life. On the next page of the comic we can see the body of Raphael descending into the ocean.


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