Ninel Conde’s husband faces two new lawsuits, one of them for recording and disseminating intimate material of an ex-partner

After the legal conflict he faces Larry Ramos after more than ten people reported him for alleged fraud and mismanagement, now new charges are added against him.

Ninel Conde’s husband will face two new accusations, one for not recognizing an alleged son and the other for recording and distributing an intimate video of his ex-partner, Orianny Acurero.

This was confirmed by herself when she was interviewed for the program El Gordo y La Flaca where she confessed that the lawsuit is already filed for Larry to recognize the son they had together and for the recording of private material that was released without his consent.

“I found out that I recorded myself having sex and he would take photos without my consent through his partners, because he would meet them at his house to show them to them ”, he explained.

According to Ramos’ ex-partner, the businessman does not know his supposed son and although at first he agreed with the pregnancy, he later expressed that he did not want it and even dared to offer her money to have an abortion.

“He met me at a restaurant and said: ‘How much do you want to abort the baby?’”Said the woman of Venezuelan origin.

In that sense, he also confirmed that Ramos has already received notification of this paternity lawsuit at his home in Miami, where he is under house arrest for millionaire fraud lawsuits.

“Because he is at home and cannot go out, he was able to receive the notification,” Orianny said.

As proof of his claims, Acurero is using some conversations he had with the businessman where he admits his faults; however, he will have to wait for a judge to decide the legal future of Ramos.

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