Ninel Conde intends to show strong evidence against her former partner

Ninel Conde intends to show strong evidence against her ex-partner (Instagram)

Ninel Conde intends to show strong evidence against her former partner | Instagram

The renowned actress, model, businesswoman and singer Ninel Conde Giovvani Medina’s former partner affirms that at the next hearing he will present strong evidence against the father of his son.

For approximately six months that the interpreter of “Callados” has not seen her youngest son Emmanuel, whom she had with Giovvani Medina, despite the fact that they have tried to make conciliations with the former couple, it seems that this has been in vain.

Recently Ninel Conde and Giovvani Medina had to face each other in court and although the judge who is handling the case tried to make a conciliation between the two for the custody of the child who, by the way, for more than six months that the singer has not seen his son and has no contact with him, could not reach an agreement.

In the last release of evidence where each of the parties’ lawyers present their testimonies and evidence for their defense, however, everything got out of control.

This is because Medina has full custody of the child, after requesting a toxicological test to verify that indeed Ninel Conde was not a good mother, to the surprise of many the result was positive, it was then that she lost custody of the child, for this Ninel mentioned that the result was false and even falsified.

Recently some videos appeared that according to the singer and actress were some evidence that her ex-partner was aggressive with her.

Despite the fact that this issue is something “normal” in Mexican society, due to the fact that Ninel Conde is a public figure, this controversy and as many would say “safarancho” becomes even bigger for the simple fact of her being a celebrity in the show business.

Ninel Conde She has become the banner of hundreds of women who go through the same things as her, she has requested the support of great political personalities and also the support of her fans, she has even had to take advantage of the scandal that was caused a few weeks ago with the model Stephanie Valenzuela and Eleazar Gómez, to show that she also experienced a similar situation at the time when she was still with Giovvani Medina.

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Even Ninel undertook the task of presenting some conversations with the father of her son where he is liking her in some text messages, which although for some it is somewhat “exaggerated” this type of behavior and words are also part of the violence. of genre.

In the mentioned conversations though Ninel Conde responded to Giovvani Medina’s aggressions, she always tried to stay out of the prudent, perhaps it is very easy to criticize when this type of matter is not known from the bottom, and in the case of the singer having to share it, although perhaps for her it is something really embarrassing and complicated it is already a desperate measure, because you want to see your child.

Given these statements, Giovvani Medina affirmed that those conversations were false, that he had always treated his ex-partner with respect, perhaps he implied that Ninel Conde was falsifying evidence and manipulating the information at his convenience, he also added that said conversations were not in the research folder is where it is mentioned what type of evidence will be presented.

There have been several publications on Twitter in which the controversial case between Ninel Conde and Giovvani Medina continues to appear, and even several television programs have mentioned the matter as the case of Suelta la Sopa.

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