Ninel Conde fans alarmed, could attempt on his life!

Fans of Ninel Conde alarmed, could attempt on his life! (Instagram)

Ninel Conde fans alarmed, could attempt on his life! | Instagram

Mexican actress and singer Ninel Conde has been living very difficult times for a long time, however, she seems to be reaching her limit and her condition today worries her fans, they fear that the Mexican celebrity will cause irreparable damage!

There are many strong and delicate situations that would lead to Ninel Conde to make once more an “irreparable decision, the singer has been immersed in a strong controversy over her love affairs, particularly in the last months after her wedding with the businessman Larry Ramos that faces charges with the justice.

And it is that luck and good judgment definitely do not seem to accompany the now controversial actress in the last years of her life, however, the problems seem to drown her, and would take her to a point of no return!

The alarms went off after the 44-year-old actress broached the subject of “suicide,” causing her loyal fans to be concerned.

Her most recent liaison with Larry Ramos placed her at the center of controversy and made her the target of a host of negative comments.

Recently, the histrionic shared a phrase through her account of Instagram that will detonate even more controversy on social networks.

Forgiving is necessary to avoid committing suicide, “wrote the actress with the image of a beach as a background.

So far, the television star has not made any other comment on the matter.

The actress and singer Ninel Conde shared an image on her Instagram stories that worried her fans. Capture Instagram

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Criticism for her wedding

Ninel and Larry celebrated their union in the midst of the CovidHowever, there was a whole scandal when the link, which was planned to take place inside a particular enclosure, the “Museo de la Bola”, where apparently other similar events have been held, was canceled

At one point, the preparations got out of control, the managers of the place ended up preventing the course of the couple’s plans, which is why the artist accused them of “discrimination” since supposedly, the reasons expressed by the workers refer to that he is a “public figure, and they wanted to avoid problems with the authorities”, according to some details that the artist herself shared with the “First Hand” medium.

Later, it transpired that the event in the well-known museum in Mexico City was canceled after indications from the mayor Miguel Hidalgo.

After this, the celebration had to be moved at the last minute to a somewhat remote property, a huge house that would be located in a housing complex in the State of Mexico, where the guests could accompany the couple.

In one of the images that were leaked on social networks about the event, the driver, “Raúl el” Negro “Araiza, who appears among a group of guests, could be identified.

In addition to all this, the news emerged that the artist would charge to see her wedding through a streaming service in which users who wanted would have to pay a cost of 132 pesos, with access to the recordings and details of the wedding.

It was just a few months ago when in the midst of the problems with her ex-partner Giovanni Medina, the news was released through an exclusive magazine that Ninel Conde had gotten engaged to her partner, Larry Ramos during a trip to Egypt.

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Along with the legal problems that the current husband of the famous woman faces, there are also the attacks that the Mexican has continued to receive from her ex-partner, Giovanni, father of her son from whom until today, he has the complete cost of preventing her from Ninel can meet with the little one, today, the career of the “Bombón” of television is a complete scandal.