Ninel Conde eats “the apple of sin” with a neckline to the waist and sets Instagram on fire

Mexican singer and actress Ninel Conde set social media on fire by showing off andThe great body that is worn with a red bodysuit that had a pronounced neckline that reached the waist. At the same time he had a fruit in his hand, just as if it were “The apple of sin”, which surely many of his followers would like to commit. Obviously your “Pechonalidad” and other attributes were evidenced with the outfit.

“The secret is not to run after the butterflies … it is to take care of the garden so that they come to you”, wrote Ninel to accompany the image. The hair was wavy as we have rarely seen it, but impeccable in makeup and pose as always. If there is something that Ninel knows very well, it is cause the collective fury with its unsurpassed beauty.

Lately, the famous one has been seen showing off her great body and especially her dancing skills. A few days ago he made a awesome twerking that left more than one with their jaws on the floor. But, just as many praise her for beauty, others have simply dedicated themselves to writing strong criticisms precisely because of the legal problems in which, directly or indirectly, she has been involved.

We refer first to the battle for custody of his son that he has with his father, Giovanni Medina, in the courts of Mexico. So far, the judge’s ruling in favor of Medina remains the same. Little Emmanuel continues to live with his father and Ninel has not seen him for many months. This made her feel sad and melancholic and she has let it be known on social networks last Mother’s Day with a tender photograph taken some time ago.

The other legal scandal that involves her in a way is the arrest and criminal charges filed by her husband, Larry Ramos. Let us remember that he himself is accused of having allegedly scammed several people out of nearly $ 27 million. Among its applicants, is the famous singer Alejandra Guzman, who would have given him a sum of money of supposedly 4 million dollars to invest in some businesses. Apparently, Ramos never appeared neither with the investment, nor with the money they gave him.

In that aspect, Ninel Conde offered an interview to the host of “El Gordo y la Flaca”, Raúl de Molina, in which he said that his wedding was not legal but that it was a symbolic ceremony so: “He would not have to divorce.” That is, it does not have a legal link with the employer. Finally, he assured that, for now, each one would dedicate themselves to solving their important issues and separately.

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