Ninel Conde dedicates her new show to her son Emmanuel

Ninel Conde avoids giving any statement about her feelings about the situation with her 6-year-old son Emmanuel, who recently refused to see her in front of the judge that leads the custody process of the minor, according to Giovanni Medina a few days ago. And it is that “El Bombón Asesino” had the support of his companions from the show “Sie7e”, because when the issue was addressed as it passed through the carpet, Kalimba, Paty Manterola, Vince Miranda and Samo decided to end the interview.

However, the Mexican shares that her performance was dedicated to her family and her children, Emmanuel and Sofía. “To God and my family, to my loved ones obviously, and to my children“. The singer says that being part of this musical has been a great challenge, since she had not performed songs in English.

“This is something different from the staging that I have done. It is the first time that I do an interpretation in English on a stage in Mexico, and well we all have to sing in English, I think it has been a very special experience for all of us, in addition to the one sung because the choreography, the montage, the coordinate with almost 80 dancers ”. Ninel talks about what she had to do to feel at the height of the dancers who accompany her on stage.

“When I went to my first rehearsal and I saw those girls do those movements, lift their legs up, plus they are thin, glued, tight and I said ‘hey no!’… First I closed my mouth, I went to the gym and I started to rehearse ”, he concluded.

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