Spanish Montenegrin power forward Nikola Mirotic, a current Barça player, revealed that last summer he rejected an offer by the Utah Jazz to return to the NBA.

05/23/2020 at 09:57



In an interview with EuroHoops, Mirotic, who has returned to activity with the Barcelona first team and under Pesic, revealed that they had offered a three-season contract.

“Utah wanted to have a meeting with me on June 30 to sign me as the first player in free agency. They offered me three guaranteed years, a great contract. I spoke to my wife and she told me to take what made me happy. I took a ticket for two days, a round trip, and I left, “he said.

Mirotic related that he was waiting at the gate of the Thessaloniki airport, in Greece, “when I started to think: ‘What am I doing at the airport? Why am I not with my family? The NBA?”.

“I said to myself: Don’t do it, Niko. If you go, you will sign. Then I left the airport and went back to the hotel. I told my agent that I was not going to take the flight and I apologized to Utah for not attending the meeting. I will take another way, I don’t want to continue in the NBA. ”