Since the beginning of July, the shooting of the fifth season of Marseillais vs The Rest of the World started. Despite the threat of the coronavirus, the production has succeeded in bringing the candidates together in a sumptuous villa for a new competition which is already promising to be colorful. It is in the South of France, in Adrets, in the Esterel, right next to Cannes, that Julien Tanti, Paga and the others have been competing for several weeks to win the coveted Cup.

And from the first days, Maeva Ghennam let her community know that the spirits were heating up: “It’s starting to be a mess in the villa.“The best friend of Carla Moreau did not believe it so well to say since, after she was eliminated, the clashes continued to multiply. In addition, they are ready to do anything this year for their respective families to triumph. And more Particularly Nikola Lozina! Indeed, the tall Belgian let it be known on Snapchat Tuesday July 28, 2020 that he had been subject to a few mishaps … “Okay guys I have something to tell you, he began . I’ve lost a tooth… So much crazy stuff here that I left a dent. There, tear, one tooth less, I gave everything, there you go“, he explains amused by the situation and revealing his abused teeth. In reality, Nikola Lozina seems to have simply lost one of his dental veneers, a new big trend for which the reality stars are cracking. can’t help but notice him, in any case he is much less disfigured than Maeva Ghennam was when one of hers fell.

Despite this accident, Nikola Lozina keeps smiling and concludes her video message with a small dedication to her fiancee Laura Lempika who is continuing her pregnancy on her side. “Honey I love you, my son I love you, I love you all, I love you the public, you give me strength, “he said. It was also on the set that the revelation of the sex of their first child was made.”It will be a Lozina Junior … The best gift of my life is going to come … “he wrote on Instagram under a picture of himself crying in the arms of his other half.

Roll on the broadcast!