Nikki Donnelly, travel influencer, is found dead

Nikki Donnelly, travel influencer, is found lifeless (Instagram)

Nikki Donnelly, travel influencer, is found lifeless | Instagram

The internet world is in mourning! At just 21 years old, influencer Nikki Donnelly was found dead. The travel blogger She was hiking in the mountains on the North Shore of Vancouver, Canada, when she disappeared and was finally found lifeless in a ravine.

It was revealed that Nikki donnelly he was on site to record a video for his YouTube channel on travel; however, apparently something went wrong and he was lost. Her boyfriend shared that she called him when this happened; however, he later lost connection with the young woman; for more attempts that were made, they could no longer contact the famous.

According to The Huffington Post, the influencer went hiking in the Cypress Provincial Park natural park, stopped at the San Marcos Summit and after taking a detour, Nikki ended up getting lost on the way.

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Sadly, after the search for Nikki Donnelly in the middle of the night, her lifeless body was found in a steep ravine, three miles from the Cypress Mountain ski area. The discovery was made on January 22 and so far, the reasons why the travel influencer lost her life have not been disclosed.

The local authorities shared that unfortunately the young people, influencers and bloggers often put their integrity at risk to get a good photo, something that should not be the case, so they called for awareness of this situation. They added that unfortunately it is frequent that they receive calls for help in these situations.

Please know this: if you are in the field and need help, stop and call 911; we and our experienced search teams will do everything we can to find you, they noted in the statement.

Nikki donnelly She was a lover of strong emotions, nature and travel, in her Instagram account you can see that the beautiful blogger used to do activities such as skiing in the snow, parachuting, enjoying the beauty of the sea and other places with great frequency .

Definitely for Donnelly the adventure was his life and that is how he lost it, doing what he loved the most. Social networks now mourn the departure of one of the most adventurous young women. However, you must be aware of how far you can go to get the best image.

On the Instagram account Delta Phi Nu some emotional words were dedicated to the young woman, highlighting her willingness to always share her knowledge and how loyal she was.

In every way, Nikki encompassed what it meant to be a sister to Delta Phi Nu. She was loyal beyond words, she persevered in whatever challenge she faced and was always ready and willing to provide us with her knowledge, be it about the most beautiful places to travel, getting the best airplane seats, or how good life can be .

They noted that Nikki Donnelly demonstrated how important it is to live life to the fullest and that she was a compassionate and noble young woman.

Nikki taught us what it means to live life to the fullest. He taught us to seek adventure and to open up to discomfort. Anyone who had ever connected with Nikki knew how radiant her spirit was. She was kind and compassionate, always willing to help where she could. She truly was a vibrant young woman who sought adventure in all aspects of her life.

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They ended up regretting the departure of the influencer, but appreciating having met her and the enormous knowledge she gave everyone.

Nikki was truly a remarkable sister and friend. We all have an incredible privilege to have known Nikki even for the short time that we did, and we will carry her spirit with us throughout all that we do as an organization and as individuals. A piece of our heart will be broken forever because we didn’t have more time together.