Va Variety report that Niki Caro, who will one day end up releasing her latest project, ‘Muln’, has signed with Amblin to direct an adaptation of Jess Walter’s novel ‘Beautiful Ruins‘, a romantic drama that we know in Spain under the title of’ Blessed Ruins’ and that is considered by specialists as one of the best published in 2012. Its official synopsis is as follows:

April, 1962. Dee Moray, a beautiful twenty-two-year-old American actress, arrives by boat, mysteriously alone, at the pier of Porto Vergogna, south of Gnova. There he decides to stay in the small hotel run by Pasquale, the no less young heir to a modest family of Italian restaurateurs, where he meets Alvis Bender, a middle-aged novelist of some prestige in American literary circles.

Dee flees after an unexpected pregnancy that has forced her to be absent from what has been her great opportunity in the world of cinema: the filming of the blockbuster ‘Cleopatra’, by Joseph L. Mankiewicz, the most expensive film in history, with Elizabeth Taylor and Richard Burton, in which Dee was to have a minor supporting role.

However, his presence begins to be dangerous for the stability of the shooting, to the point that he decides to leave everything and go to Italy, irremissibly conditioning his life and approaching those ruins that can only be worn down by the very thing that keeps them alive: the ironic and truthful breath of memory.

Mark Hammer and Chiara Atik will adapt the novel, which already features an earlier draft by Micah Fitzerman-Blue and Noah Harpster (‘A Beautiful Day In The Neighborhood’). For his part, Sam Mendes will be the producer through his company Neal Street.