Nike swaps sports big stars for lousy fans

Triumphal music, messages of improvement, world-renowned athletes …Those kinds of things come to mind when we look back at some of Nike’s most celebrated campaigns.

However, this time the brand has put aside the epic tone to address a much wider audience than that of the big stars: normal people, those of us who are terrible in any sport.

In the last commercial of the company you will not see impossible goals or superhuman records; what’s more, it is likely that you recognize yourself in one of the scenes: do you miss all the baskets? Unable to hit the golf ball first time? Have you tried surfing and ended up swallowing water? This ad is for you.

With this campaign, titled “Play New”, Nike pays tribute to all the people who give their all every day and have a blast doing sports… although the thing is given to them a little regular.

To carry out the spot, the brand has not set aside its tradition of having elite athletes, but this time they are not there to show off: they are practicing a different discipline from their own, It turns out that they are as “blankets” as any of us. Athlete Dina Asher-Smith trying to play golf, Paralympic athlete Blake Leeper with baseball or basketball player Sabrina Ionescu tennis racket in hand are not exactly medal meat.

Despite the humorous tinge and the succession of disastrous moves, the signing agency, Wieden + Kennedy Portland, has managed to give the ad that upbeat, revitalizing Nike undertone, reinforced by the official press release: “It doesn’t matter how many times you fall. You always get up again. Trying something new is always a win”.

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