Nike makes a commercial in favor of sport causing so much impact what went viral | INSTAGRAM

The famous brand of the famous brand did it again this time with a commercial in which it seeks unity for the world of sports, thanks to the fact that the pandemic has stopped most of these decided to launch the You Can’t Stop Us campaign ( athletes and the brand).

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It caused so much impact that it has gone viral on different social networks.

In the video we can see some great images of what the world of sports is, since it is a great group that ranges from high-performance footballers to those who train in Tennis or some other sport.

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This quarantine has caused sports to stop throughout the world, since to avoid contagions of this disease it is necessary to avoid physical contact, among other things, so that most athletes could not be in contact with their peers.

First it was the NBA, then baseball and even football in Europe stopped, even something historic happened, the Olympic Games were going to be held this year and they had to move like the Euro Cup, something that had never been seen before.

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In the commercial, the following is understood: « Although things do not happen as we hope, whatever it is, we will find a way », addresses the video from Nike, while showing images of the athletes and those who continue to practice at home.

« If what happens is not fair, we will go together to achieve change no matter how bad it is, we will always be stronger, because nothing can stop us if we are together. »

The brand is characterized by launching strong messages and knowing how to handle this advertising in an incredible way, making more than one person move with the video, who are some experts in marketing, although it should be noted that their message is very positive and redeemable, outside to analyze it as a success for your market.

At the moment, all that remains is to wait and continue exercising from home, it is the time to think things through and make good decisions and the brand knows it, seeks unity through social networks and at the moment it is vital, since many are already at edge of despair of not having his favorite sport to watch on tv.