As various countries continue with the reopening of retail establishments, the sector faces the challenge of reconnecting with the consumer, one that despite showing clear signs of retaking these spaces, it is clear that now the experience must be different. This is known by brands like Nike, which have made various adjustments to their strategies.

An example of what we mentioned is the new store model that is being designed by the sports brand of American origin and that could revolutionize the retail industry.

Technology and customization

We know that electronic commerce and digitization are factors that have been decisive in staying close to the consumer. Nike wants to take advantage of this moment to accelerate its transformation in search of offering a better experience.

In that sense, the swoosh firm created Nike Rise, a store whose goal is to organize a personalized 1-to-1 shopping trip that connects consumers to sports.

The new store is installed in Guangzhou, China and is a 2,000-square-meter, three-level flash store with displays for products, experiences and services that, as a distinctive feature, will all be connected to the brand’s app.

They will complete this with something they called Nike Experience, a platform for members to connect and participate in sports activities. In addition, they created a “Nike By You” personalization bar that offers an experience for visitors to personalize items with inspired design elements.

« Whether members connect through the Nike app or join the store, they are invited to experience a digitally enabled journey that connects them to the energy and activity of the city, and unites Guangzhou communities to through the power of sport, ”said Cathy Sparks, Nike Direct’s VP-CEO of Global Stores and Services.