Nightwing has not been canceled according to the director, the studio has given priority to other projects – Tomatazos

Some years ago DC Films announced that it had a full schedule of projects with the popular members of the Justice League – 41%, as well as other members of the comics who are worthy of telling their own story. It is true that Warner Bros. has faced various conflicts in recent years, especially with respect to the DC Extended Universe, which is why it has tried to stay ahead with the characters that so far have worked before the audience and then give way to the new ones.

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Everything that was generated around League of Justice It not only affected the original idea of ​​Zack Snyder, but also the future of the characters and their relationship with what happened in this film and then with what was presented in Zack Snyder’s Justice League – 82%. Some of the announced projects that many fans were hoping to see was Flashpoint and NightwingHowever, both productions were in limbo with some delays and indefinite pauses.

From just a couple of months, Andy Muschietti was able to start shooting The Flash and it has advanced considerably, while the movie about Robin has not had the same fate, which made more than one think that the project would not see the light of day. However, the designated director for this film Chris McKay, during an interview with The Bear Cave, assured that the film still stands, only that they have not given him the green light to begin production.

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[…] I still have high hopes that I can make that movie. It may be wishful thinking, but certainly no one has ever said ‘hey kid, don’t make that movie’. In fact, all they said was ‘we’re not prioritizing that movie today’, but they still want to make a Nightwing film, which I think is still important to them.

According to the words of the director of LEGO Batman: The Movie – 91%, the script is done before he was appointed to the project, and although he had planned to start with that to make a breakthrough, the text written by Bill Dubuque gave him the opportunity to start working with some drafts, but he never could land a clear idea to make a trailer with just that part. McKay took the opportunity to give some previews on the story and what else fans of the character could expect to see.

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It becomes a revenge movie and would be an introduction to Nightwing and the world of Blüdhaven. There were going to be a lot of villains. It was going to be a real study, it was going to be a character analysis on this guy who grew up with some kind of bad father. How a young adult did that trying to fight and go as far away from that world as possible and be dragged back into it.

The filmmaker assured that, at the time he took over as director, there was the idea of ​​having Ben Affleck as Batman despite the fact that Matt Reeves already had The Batman in his hands, and at the moment it is still unknown what that in his film he will pass with Bruce Wayne especially for his essential role in the development of Dick Grayson because this is his protector or adoptive father.

It is true that many things have had to be modified within the DCEU and that will have an impact on the stories that are still pending and, surely, they will have to wait for everything to be reestablished within this universe to make room for each of the characters that They are fundamental in the movie of the hero who in some comics has the responsibility of functioning as a substitute for Batman.

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