Nightmare night for Barça against Atlético

Barça recorded its third loss of the season in La Liga, this Saturday, on the lawn of Atlético (1-0). Messi et al have proven to be completely harmless and helpless in Madrid.

This is not a novelty: FC Barcelona is in arrears this season. Messi’s real-false start this summer did not help the Blaugrana institution, besides plagued by serious cash flow concerns; but on the ground, there is definitely no clearing in sight. The proof again this Saturday evening when Atlético de Madrid, for the first time in ten years, offered the scalp of the Catalan ogre (1-0). A narrow success, certainly, but well deserved.

It is, however, on one detail that the Matelassiers made the difference: a dumpling of a Ter Stegen pulled far too far from his cage to allegedly relieve his defense – blessed bread for one. Carrasco on the lookout and sure of his kick when he had to materialize in the empty goal, just before the break. Previously, the German porter had shown himself to his advantage, however, on this cannon strike from Saul in particular (5th); his baraka had done the rest on this attempt by Llorente came to sound the crossbar (12th).

Not one to catch up with the other …

Or Griezmann, nor Dembele, nor even Messi could not rectify the shooting in this game played without inspiration and without energy on the Barcelona side. And to make matters worse, Pique, the defensive flagship of Ronald Koeman’s team, left the pitch with a knee injury. After eight matches in the league this season, Barça has barely posted three victories, relegated for the time being to nine lengths of its evening opponent and co-leader of the Spanish elite with Real Sociedad. Weighted down by a draw today at Villarreal (1-1), the real Madrid is not at best either but has six more units than its rival Blaugrana (with one more game).

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