Niece surpasses Princess Diana with five wedding dresses!

Niece surpasses Princess Diana with five wedding dresses! | AP

Lady Kitty Spencer shares more than just the physical resemblance with her late aunt, Princess Diana of Wales, the aristocrat’s niece has starred in a “fairytale wedding”, also wearing five dresses in this great link in which she was married by the millionaire, Michael Lewis.

The “socialite“and niece of Princess Diana, seems to surpass the story that Lady Diana started 40 years ago when she walked down the aisle next to the Prince Charles of Wales, and although Lady Kitty Spencer is not royalty, the grand event was undoubtedly as ostentatious or more than a royal wedding.

The link took place this weekend, the niece of the Princess Diana, who for years has been the one that shows the most physical similarities with the outstanding royal, dazzled everyone with an outfit in Dolce and Gabbana, one of the main designs that he wore.

The 30-year-old, gave the “yes I accept” to her fiancĂ©, Michel Lewis in the middle of a luxurious Italian ceremony, which has been announced as the “society wedding of the year”, as at the time, her aunt, Diana spencer, was the star of one of the largest weddings in the british royalty.

The religious link was held in a 17th century Italian castle, Harry and William’s cousin paraded in an outfit made of lace, personally made by Stefano Gabbana and Domenico Dolce, the founders of the firm also with an Italian stamp.

Styled entirely differently from Lady Diana Spencer’s gown, the imposing “Victorian-inspired” bride’s trousseau with a high neckline, corset waist and wavy skirt was a nod to Princess Grace Kelly.

The American “Hollywood star” who became royal for 65 years when she was married by Prince Rainier of Monaco III in 1956.

The daughter of Charles Spencer, brother of the “former royal” d! Funta, appears in one of the brand’s Instagram photos wearing the vintage-style outfit, which she accompanied with a floor-length veil.

The fashion house designed other outfits for the bride, who is presumed to have been dating her now husband for more than two years, according to Harper’s Bazar magazine.

A sky blue dress made with tulle and embroidered with lilac flowers and a matching cape, another design with a green bodice and a large white skirt with flowers, a quarter, in white with short sleeves and sequins, rhinestones and flower applications and a fifth, which has not had much prominence, but has gold inlays.

Each of them was accompanied by various accessories, necklaces, earrings and various accessories that were combined with the sophisticated garments, and of which have been shown by the Italian designers themselves.

However, certain details that did not cease to surprise was the absence of Charles Spencer himself at his daughter’s wedding, in addition to the fact that Prince Harry and William were not present either.

Princess Diana and Charles Spencer, descendants of Count John Spencer VIII and the Honorable Frances Roche, were during their childhood and much of their lives, two of the closest minor descendants.

It should be remembered that Sarah McCorquodale and Jane Fellowes, two of the older sisters of the British princess, (former daughter-in-law of Queen Elizabeth II), with whom it is presumed she had a distant relationship.

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