Nicole Kidman attends an outdoor concert with her family in Sydney

Nicole Kidman and her husband Keith Urban attended a musical performance alongside their daughters, they looked ready for a family portrait!

Nicole Kidman does not appear in public often, but when she does, she always leaves a trail of elegance and mysticism wherever she passes.

On this occasion, he appeared to attend the Vaucluse House in Sydney. Despite the fact that she and her husband are world famous, no one came close to interrupting them.

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Although the actress had already become a mother by adopting Isabella Jane and Connor when she was married to Tom Cruise, she started a new family with her husband Keith.

At 41, the Australian gave birth to her daughter Sunday Rose, whose physical features closely resemble her father’s.

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And in 2010, her second daughter was born with Keith Urban: Faith Margaret, with the only difference that the little girl was born through surrogacy.

All together they were confused among the attendees and taking advantage of the use of face masks, they enjoyed this moment of anonymity during the concert.

True to her boho look, Nicole selected a light silk scarf that fluttered in the wind, she carried with her a leather bag signed by Celine and aviator-style glasses.

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As a mask, she wore a red bandana with floral motifs, which was what stood out the most from her light-colored outfit.

He also wore gold-finished jewelry, both rings and bracelets that sparkled with the sun.

This family outing came after Nicole returned from Ireland, where she went to film some scenes for “The Northman” in Belfast.

Upon her return, she isolated herself on her Southern Highlands property to be reunited with her daughters and her husband after two weeks.