Nicolás, son of Ludwika Paleta, speaks for the first time about his brothers

And although he will undoubtedly always be related as the son of two recognized actors, Niico assured that it is something he accepts, but is in the search of building his own path.

“The truth does not bother me, in the end I am proud of everything they do. I am proud of what they do and I admire them, but for me they are my parents, that is, in the end I don’t see them as actors ”, he commented.

Niico (Instagram / niico_oficial)

“Yes, it is recurrent but it is also part of, and I do not suffer it because, because I say, the joke is to go by putting together and opening my way with my career but well part of, it is where I come from, it is the reason why I exist and therefore it is not something that causes me conflict simply because it is little by little to separate myself from that and I will build my own path ”, he explained.

Although he is now focused on his role as a singer, Nicolás is not closed to other possibilities, as long as they allow him to continue making music. However, faced with the possibility of venturing into soap operas, he showed certain reservations.

“The truth is not, a villain like that from a father series, yes, from a soap opera the truth would think twice,” he declared. “I personally do not love them, I respect them,” he confessed. “I would do any project that was not about music as long as I could continue making music, because I don’t do music to reach a point of fame, it’s because I like it,” he explained.

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