The Chilean tennis player Nicolas Jarry He gave an interview to the Seventh Game, where he spoke about all the news surrounding the world of tennis and stressed that Novak Djokovic was not to blame for everything that happened on the Adria Tour, where many tennis players have tested positive for coronavirus after playing an exhibition tournament without social distancing.

-Actuality that surrounds you after being confined at home:

“I have been in the United States for three weeks now and I am very happy to have come. I am training again and doing it for two or three hours a day. Being able to be with Dante Bottini again and working with him has been very good for me after these months so hard for me. I needed not to be stuck at home, and in recent months with quarantine I have had that feeling. “

-Feeling after training again:

“I felt very good. At first you don’t feel the ball at all and it is slow, but as time goes by you feel better. The humidity in the United States is very hard and last week it was about 38 degrees. My The intention is to train more and more to pick up a competitive rhythm to return to the circuit in the best possible way. I have been able to train with players like Shapovalov and feel the rhythm, speed and intensity of the players who are currently above the rest. “

-How was the Chilean tennis player quarantined?

“It did not cost me anything, since I am a person who knows how to use my free time very well. I am not a person who gets bored when doing nothing. I always find something I can do. This moment of quarantine was incredible for me to be calmer , to be with the family, read, watch videos, study, meditate and improve in the physical and mental aspect with a psychologist “.

-What happened a few weeks ago on the Adria Tour with many positives among tennis players:

“It was a mistake by everyone. I think it is being unfair to Djokovic, since he is not to blame for everything. The government let them do the tournament and everyone trusted the organization. Everyone trusted everything the world and in times like these even more. Everyone has to be consistent and know what can and cannot be done. We cannot allow that due to a certain group of people they can put the risk of many more people “