This single, presented by Nicky Jam, is perfectly created by the singer to tell part of his story and how he has had to face the challenges of fame.

Human and revealing, this is Jam’s single.

Among the lyrics that reflect the rapper’s essence you can see phrases like:

« I’m still the same but with more zeros / I’m still the same but more sincere » and also « God gave me another chance / I raised my head and don’t plan to lower it. »

The video clip is animated and shows Jam immersed in the letters that tell part of his life, accompanied by the chorus of the success of Carla Morrison titled « I enjoy ».

« I am pleased to love you / I enjoy caressing you and putting you to sleep / It is chilling / To have you face to face / Make you smile. »

While doing his solo, the singer thanks genre legends like Daddy Yankee and El Ñejo who, regardless of what they have given him throughout his career, unconditional support.

With information from Billboard.

Check the video here: