Nickelodeon releases song where drag queen explains LGBTQ colors and celebrates it on social media – Tomatazos

We are in Pride Month and several companies in the entertainment industry have shown to be committed to giving more representation to the LGBTQ community in their original productions, but one of the most prominent is Nickelodeon, which at the beginning of the month surprised with a song on Blue’s Clues, where a drag queen explained to the children what diverse families are; Now, the surprise has been greater for the fans for a song that explains the meaning of the colors of the LGBTQ flag.

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The song was composed by the musician Daniel Mertzlufft and interpreted by Nina west, stage name of Andrew Levitt, a drag queen known for participating in season 1 of RuPaul’s Drag Race. Through a very catchy tune, the meaning of the colors is explained to us, which for a long time is no longer limited to those of the rainbow, since the colors that represent transgender people and people of color that are part of community.

Nickelodeon released the song, which is titled “The Meaning of Pride,” and it was shared by Nina west on his social media, after which he began to receive the support of his followers, many of whom believe that the company is doing a commendable job of making visible to children what it means to be part of the LGBTQ community.

The lyrics of the song are long and celebrate Pride on several occasions, but here we share the part where they explain what the colors mean:

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Red means life because living is a gift
Orange means healing, and we have to continue
working to heal the world and heal ourselves
Yellow means sunlight because you have to shine a lot
Green means nature and we have to fight
so that our Earth is a vibrant home for life
Blue means harmony working together,
Purple means spirit, believing you have the power
and strength in yourself to do what you dream of
Baby Blue, Pink and White, represent transgender people,
and Black and Brown represent people of color queer and trans

NEW BOP ALERT! Happy [Mes del] Pride! Thank you Nickelodeon for allowing me to share in the fun of the season and educate along the way! Many thanks to Daniel Mertzlufft who wrote this song! HAPPY [MES DEL] PRIDE!

I honestly love how Nickelodeon is pushing other kiddie networks by working with Nina West for Pride Month.

Nina West + Nickelodeon is the best and it makes me so happy to see so much inclusion and diversity on a channel that was such an important part of my childhood (and adulthood if I was honest).

I love all these Nickelodeon crossovers! I would have loved to see this when I saw it as a kid.

I love this.

This is so fantastic.

As a queer mom, Nina West and Nickelodeon’s collaboration for Pride Month is bringing me so much joy in these difficult times.

Nina west he was also the one who sang the song of Blue’s Clues about diverse families, and appeared in a cartoon version of herself. In recent years, Hollywood studios have become aware of the importance of representation and celebrities have supported the cause; Companies like Netflix have received recognition for their commitment to inclusion and diversity, and others like Disney follow in their footsteps albeit with some shyness. The LGBTQ community has also found a voice in celebrities who choose to speak up and not hide, such as Elliot Page, who in December revealed that he is trans, and contrary to expectations, he received a lot of support and his life has improved since he opened up to the world. .

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