Few people in the world of sports feel so comfortable in the eye of the hurricane, in the media focus and in the fray. Nick Kyrgios He seems to enjoy the encounters and has endorsed the style of not being overwhelmed and responding to any criticism that may be around him by peers. He defends at all costs what he thinks, the things of which he is convinced, and in this specific case, he has rational arguments in his favor. His indignation with those involved in the Adria Tour did not diminish and it was impossible for him to bite his tongue after the criticism of Borna Coric a few hours ago.

07/28/2020 08:07

The Croatian remembers how the confinement for COVID-19 was, the balance after the Adria Tour and even answers Kyrgios’ criticism: “I don’t care what he says.”

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The Croatian had commented that he did not agree with the fact that the Australian pointed out other tennis players for what happened in the Balkan tournament and did not show a certain camaraderie. In addition, he said that the Australian was no one in this field to give lessons and that, as bad as what Zverev did, for example, there was no need to criticize. As if it were an erupting volcano, Kyrgios addressed the matter on social networks. It is not difficult to imagine a mischievous smile from the Australian at the option of poking Borna blushing after these words.

“It should matter to you. Do you have rocks in your head? Again, you can defend your teammates, but I’m just trying to hold them accountable for their mistakes. When I said what I said I had no intention of bothering, I just pretend to be normal people and not because they are tennis players, they must be special to comply with the necessary measures. As I thought, Borna Coric’s intellectual level is equal to 0 “, he wrote on his Twitter, causing a tidal wave of reactions that he himself encouraged, responding to some users and sending another direct message to the Croatian.

“Borna, just make sure your lack of intelligence doesn’t make more players have to go through what Grigor Dimitrov had to go through. Have you read how he still feels after overcoming the illness? Or is that too much for you to brain can process it? “, released neither short nor lazy the Australian. Laughter, stupor, indignation … All possible sensations are on the surface with words that have already raised a huge cloud of dust.

Some user commented to Nick Kyrgios that the problem of the Adria Tour was the laxity of the measures imposed by the Serbian government, something to which the Canberra responded. “They played a basketball game, with no social distance and with a full stand watching it. I’m not sure what the guidelines were.” In short, a new controversy to add to the long list in which the Australian player has gotten himself lately, very committed in the fight against the virus.