Nick Kyrgios: “I can beat 50% of the Wimbledon draw”

You have to see what it costs to be silent Nick kyrgios. Not even in a clearly disadvantaged situation, after four months without playing a single official match, is the Australian capable of landing in Wimbledon without leaving us several headlines. He loves to open his mouth, it is what it is, and it comes to us in luxury. Before facing his first round against the French Ugo Humbert, the current world No. 61 confessed what his moment of form is and how he looks ahead of an event where many surprises are expected.

“The truth is that I see myself in a decent state despite not playing tennis for so long, all these months at home were incredible,” says the Canberra in statements collected by Ubitennis. “Wimbledon is a tournament that I will never turn down the opportunity to play if I have the option to play it, although I know that I cannot offer my best tennis there, as I did a couple of years ago, so I don’t put too much pressure or expectations on myself either. , I feel good to return to the circuit ”, celebrates the 26-year-old.

All we know about Nick this season is a round of 16 at Murray River and a third round at the Australian Open. Four wins and two losses. Even so, we all agreed that he was a rival to avoid in the first week. “I know very well that nobody wanted to face me in the first round, so I feel full of confidence for this first match. I do not want to say that I am the favorite, but I know very well how it has to be played on grass, I have won many matches on this surface. It will be fun, that’s for sure. I come from covered, so I have to focus on preparing and doing the best I can these next few days. This is Wimbledon, I want to get on the court and have a good time ”, he values.

“Right now I think I can overcome 50% of the men’s team on this surface, without too much preparation,” Kyrgios dares in one of his classic three-pointers from midfield. “It is true that Ugo (Humbert) has been playing incredible tennis these months, but I played with many players and tactically I am on fire, although I know that he has tennis to do great things in this sport. He is a great player on grass, he has a great serve, a good backhand for a southpaw and a good volley. It will be difficult, ”says the Australian, very confident in his chances but with the utmost respect for his rival, whom he already beat last February in Melbourne.

Controversial by nature

Of course, what does not change is the image that Nick projects in the media. Play or not play, win or not win, your name will always occupy multiple covers and headlines. Now that he has spent time away from the spotlight, Kyrgios regretfully accepts his own reality, although it does not seem to bother him excessively. “It’s a bit ironic, at the beginning of my career it was like everything I did was an embarrassment to this sport, all that kind of nonsense that you already know. Now, on the other hand, every time I enter a tennis court the stands are full, I don’t know how I do it but I am always a protagonist on social networks ”, he says with a smile.

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