The Australian tennis player Nick kyrgios He gave an interview to the Today Show, where he reviewed all the news that surrounds him, taking the opportunity to shoot Pablo Carreño and Novak Djokovic again. The Australian also confessed that he has no plan to play tennis again this season and only has his sights set on the 2021 Australian Open.

-The Australian Open organization plans to host tennis players in luxury residences under security:

“It would be a pretty wise decision. I think that tennis players need to be protected against this pandemic. It is not a bad thing that tennis players are housed in this type of facilities so that they feel more comfortable. Obviously it is the top tennis players who attract the crowd and a Grand Slam without the best is totally different. With the vast majority of players I talk to, they say they love Melbourne, so we have to do our best to have the best players on the circuit at the next Australian Open. ” .

-Kyrgios does not know for sure when he will return to the circuit:

“What I have clear is that I would love to play the Australian Open. I am crossing my fingers that the situation improves in Melbourne and the organization of the tournament is able to find a solution so that the players do not have to go through a quarantine. Already something The more difficult it will be for the tournament to have an audience in the stands. We all know how tough this pandemic has been. Currently I do not know when I will play on the circuit again. In France, cases are increasing again and the FFT is planning to play the tournament with an audience in the stands. Right now I’m not sure if I play tennis and I’m just calm at home hoping that this will be solved little by little “.

-He spoke again about Pablo Carreño:

“I just gave my opinion on something and he answered me. I felt that his comment was very ridiculous and I decided to get the results of our matches. What is clear is that he has never beaten me before. Let’s face it, Pablo is not Picasso” (laughs ) “.

-Joking about Novak Djokovic and the possibility of not playing the Australian Open so as not to hit the chair umpires:

“Nole we do not like tennis players, but he is a type that attracts the masses,” concluded the Australian player.