Nick Jonas broke a rib and had to be rushed to a hospital

Nick Jonas broke a rib on a recording set and had to be rushed to a nearby hospital.

Photo: Araya Diaz / Getty Images

Singer and actor Nick Jonas, almost 30 years old, had to be rushed to a hospital after being injured in the middle of his last job of which only he is known to took place on a recording set. The news portal TMZ did not have more information in the morning hours. Already in the afternoon, a spokesman for the artist said that broke a rib while riding a bicycle.

Apparently the actor would have scheduled to attend “The Voice”From the television network NBC like every Monday. But he was filming “a project” when the emergency suddenly struck, which his team immediately identified, claiming it was serious enough to require prompt medical assistance. This happened on Saturday night, he was home by Sunday and said he felt ready to attend the television show.

The artist assured that it hurt to laugh and that had other injuries but minor throughout his body. He allegedly even joked begging for mercy from Blake shleton, the country music singer, who is also a judge on “The Voice.”

This would not be the first time that Nick has suffered an injury while working. The 28-year-old singer suffered another on his hand in 2018, the result of post-show training in Mexico. He posted a photo of the mishap at the time, showing bandages and a beer.

What remains a mystery until now is what is the “project” in which Nick is involved. Although the same TMZ portal presumes that he and his brothers are recording a show that could be a “reality”. If so, we won’t find out later.

So, injured or not, the presence of the member of the Jonas Brothers trio in the gala of the program that will be today. So viewers and fans will be able to see him in action and without obvious signs of the setback that the young artist would have experienced, married to actress Priyanka Chopra, in the middle of the weekend.

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