NiceHash will complete the refund to users after hack of 2017 this December

The processing power rental market, NiceHash, announced on November 16 that by December 16, 2020, it will have completed the refund to its users of the funds stolen after the 2017 hack.

In a post on its official blog, the company established in Slovenia established that its repayment program will culminate on Wednesday, December 16, with the reimbursement of the last of the 4,736.42 BTC stolen from its wallets in December 2017. To access the money , those affected will have to express their request before December 15.

NiceHash took three years to complete payment to affected users, amid a nearly two-year bear market in which many companies in the ecosystem suffered heavy losses. They collected the amount of their own commissions for their services, reducing their earnings to what was necessary to stay afloat and be able to meet their payment obligations.

While NiceHash had currently returned 82% of the stolen money, the remaining 18% still awaited a return. The recent rise in the price of Bitcoin probably helped NiceHash to reach the goal, as at the moment the cryptocurrency is trading well above the $ 13,500 it was at on December 6, 2017, touching $ 17,000 at the time of writing of this article.

How to access the refund?

NiceHash has arranged a section on its portal dedicated to guiding those affected through the process. Users have until 11:00 pm CET on December 15 to access the last stage of the rebate program.

For those who are already beneficiaries of the program (started in February 2018) and use an internal NiceHash wallet, they just have to log in to their accounts, access the Repayment Program section in their wallet and follow the instructions. For those who are not yet beneficiaries, must open a support ticket before December 11 for an agent to give them access to the program.

Those who used an external wallet at the time of the security breach will need to enter the Bitcoin address they were using in December 2017 in the Find MIner section.

If you want to learn more about how NiceHash’s processing power rental market works, you can follow this review.