Nice orange! Mia Khalifa with her charms in sight

Nice orange!  Mia Khalifa with her charms in sight (Instagram)

Nice orange! Mia Khalifa with her charms in sight | Instagram

The model and ex actress Mia Khalifa showed off her beautiful and voluptuous charms in an orange suit that did not complain very little to the imagination.

His real name is Sarah Joe Chamoun, but decided to use one that would be eye-catching to his fans, after a short foray into the adult entertainment industry.

Even though she quickly retired (she lasted only 3 months) she continues to be a recognized celebrity in the middle, although she would prefer it not to be.

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However, he decided to keep his stage name so he continues to be popular, now when he shares content on Instagram that is a bit risque, he immediately draws attention.

Thus, the publications of Mia khalifa they are always fortunate (for their followers) to remember for some the old days.

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In his photo of August 22, 2019, he appears wearing a two-piece suit in orange, this one has a top above the navel and thanks to how tight it is, his enormous charms stand out.


Underneath she is wearing a skirt, it is not possible to see the length of it, although in a publication she made on August 30, she is wearing the same suit.

It is clearly distinguishable that in addition to reaching above the knees it has a kind of striking frills made of the same fabric.