The Episcopal Conference of Nicaragua (CEN), headed by Cardinal Leopoldo José Brenes, issued this Tuesday, May 12, a pastoral message in which it made an “urgent” call to provide public health personnel with the necessary protective equipment to avoid further spread of the new coronavirus (Covid-19) among these.

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In the writing, the Bishops reiterate the call to all sectors of national life to take all necessary preventive and precautionary measures to protect our people from the pandemic.

«Any measure to take to safeguard the lives of Nicaraguans will always be over any other interest, since safeguarding life is our greatest common good. It is urgent to equip public health personnel with the necessary protective equipment to avoid further contagion among them, “says the pastoral letter.

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Various medical and civil society organizations have demanded that the Daniel Ortega regime pay more attention to doctors in public hospitals who are treating Covid-19 patients, given the increase in cases that the regime does not want to recognize. The Ministry of Health (Minsa) reported on Tuesday that in one week there were three deaths from Covid-19 in Nicaragua, which brings the death toll from the virus to eight in the country. In addition, he assured that nine new infections have been registered, for a total of 25 confirmed cases in the country.

The bishops urge the Catholic people to pray the Holy Rosary daily in person or as a family, and they also asked parishioners to make “an altar in honor of the Blessed Virgin and trusting in the words of the Lord.”

The Catholic Church reaffirmed its recommendation to the parishioners to strive so that from their homes they live “each liturgical celebration, joining the Church’s media.” They also asked to have spiritual fellowship in their homes.

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Nicaragua is the only country in the region that has not established any national restriction or measure to prevent the massive spread of the new coronavirus, as almost all countries in the world have done by closing their borders, suspending face-to-face classes or establishing national quarantine. Dictator Daniel Ortega has downplayed the deaths of Covid-19 by saying that more people die from traffic accidents, drowning and other diseases than from coronaviruses.