Niantic, creators of Pokémon Go and other augmented reality titles, has published today in its blog a note where it anticipates that they have in development no less than ten games and a collaboration with Punchdrunk, an immersive theater company. Of all of them, the closest launch seems to be the launch of Catan World Explorers.

Catan World Explorers is a project that was unveiled last year during the SPIEL 2019 event, although it wouldn’t be until later that it became known that Niantic was involved in the project. Now Niantic announces that it will arrive on the market soon, with a beta expected very soon.

Catan in augmented reality

After Ingress, Pokémon Go and Harry Potter: Wizards Unite, Catan World Explorers will arrive, a title that is being developed by CATAN and Asmodee team using Niantic’s Real World Platform. The relationship in various elements between this game and other Niantic titles is evident in the few screenshots shown on its official website.

As on previous occasions, Catan World Explorers will bring the popular board game – or at least some of its elements – to the real world, turning your neighborhood and the entire world into a game of Catan. In the game you will have to harvest, trade and build to convert map points to settlements from which you can collect resources, build buildings and earn points for your faction.

Instead of looking for pokémon, in Catan World Explorers you should explore your neighborhood to collect resources such as firewood, stone or wool. Some of these resources will be more abundant in your region than others, so you will have to trade to obtain those that are not.

Niantic tells us that this game will be one of the first to launch their new projects, with a beta version coming soon. To be one of the first to know, you can fill out a form on their website that will notify you when the beta is available in your region.

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Niantic’s next game will be Catan World Explorers, the settlers of Catan’s Pokémon Go